Beware of “Free Disneyland Tickets” Facebook Hoax

Buy Disneyland tickets with your phoneHere’s a warning: Don’t fall for the Disneyland free tickets Facebook hoax that’s going around–even though 63,000 people already have.

This warning comes from, via Web Wise Kids, an organization that helps educate kids and their parents about computer use.

The Facebook invitation–which does not come from Disneyland or anyone affiliated with Disney-– offers you free tickets for joining and inviting friends. Of course, if you fall for this scam, the crooks get your personal info and you will never get the promised tickets.

Scams that promise free tickets to Disneyland are common because people are always looking for a discount on theme park admission. A similar scam (that surprisingly still makes the rounds) is the fake email from Walt Disney Jr. that promises free tickets in exchange for forwarding the chain letter. As with anything that sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t all that it seems.

Why do companies make these offers?  To harvest the information you’re providing them, including email addresses, survey data and more.  They appeal to young people, who are less sophisticated and more likely to provide tons of personal information online.

Photo via Get Away Today


  1. This is great advice. Thank you!

  2. The Things' Mum says:

    Thanks for this …. I must have seen links for free disney tickets posted about 50 times on Facebook profiles over the last week…. I was sure it was a scam…. Googled and this cropped up:-) thanks again- shared to Facebook and twitter

    • DadLogic says:

      I’m glad it helped. The emails from these scammers can seem authentic, but they are just taking advantage of families looking to save a few dollars.