Easy Chicken Pot Pie with Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits

Easy Grands! Chicken Pot Pie 01With a chill in the air and my son back in school, it finally has begun to feel like fall. This time of year, coffee seems to taste better, the fireplace is usually on, and comfort foods are often on our family’s menu. Chicken pot pies are something we all enjoy, but it isn’t always practical to make the dish because of our busy schedules. The good news is that I found a convenient solution using Pillsbury’s Easy Grands! biscuits.

To make the mini chicken pot pies, I followed a recipe that I pulled from Pillsbury’s website. You simply flatten out the dough from the Grands! biscuits container, place it into a muffin tray, and add your filling. Within a few minutes, you have individual pot pies that are easy to eat.

DSC_0014My son wanted to help me prepare the mini pot pies and seemed to enjoy flattening the Grands! dough using the bottom of a bowl. I used this approach to help maintain an even thickness and to help keep his fingers out of the dough. I then placed the flattened dough in the muffin tin and lightly pressed it into the mold. Be sure to use a little non-stick spray to help the pies come out.

The pie filling was really easy to make. I mixed together some condensed cream of chicken soup, a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, and some precooked chicken pieces. We put a generous spoonful of the filling into each pie and then pinched the dough together to form the top of the crust. We were able to prepare the mini pies in the time that it took for the oven to preheat. It was just that easy.

The chicken pot pies were the perfect item for a fall day. Comfort food always hits the spot and the portion size was just right for my son to handle. from start to finish, it took less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook the mini pot pies, and they disappeared in about the same amount of time.

If you are looking for some inspiration, the Pillsbury recipe site has several other simple meal ideas like mini pizzas, taco melts, and unsloppy joes.


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